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Dear Career Seeker,

Dubai & Saudi Recruitment Agency specializes in the placement of qualified and experienced career seekers in mainly the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Various employment opportunities are constantly available in these countries. These include engineering, IT, medical, dental, nursing, sales, marketing, retail, recruitment, accounting, human resources, teaching, security, hotel, hospitality, catering, tourism, farm work, horticulture, logistics, draughtsman, administrative and others. Please note that mostly senior vacancies are advertised on this website.

The following general aspects are highlighted: About the Company.

Dubai & Saudi Recruitment Agency specializes in the placement of qualified and experienced job seekers in mainly the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Apart from these countries, we also recruit for vacancies in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Egypt whenever such vacancies arise. DSR will open an office in the UAE within the next two months. We have representatives in both Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, co-operate with no less than six recruitment agencies in the mentioned countries and our Managing Director is constantly seeking new job opportunities for job seekers by meeting with prospective employers abroad.

Our company is one of four associates forming HUMAN RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL (HRI), registered in England. HRI consists of Dubai & Saudi Recruitment Agency (specializing in employment in the UAE and Saudi Arabia), Icareers (Britain, Europe and various other countries), WorkForce Networks (USA) and Cosmopolitan Recruitment (Au Pair, Cruise Ship and other employment), making it South Africa's largest network of international recruitment consultants. Each company will continue to operate independently, but the composition of HRI has the advantage that we share one of the largest data bases available, share positions and you can now be marketed not only in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, but also in other parts of the world if interested.

A further invaluable advantage is the fact that our company website is available not only to work seekers but most importantly, to thousands of foreign employers seeking South African and other international job seekers for employment in their countries. In South Africa the website is marketed as (focusing on the work seeker) and in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries under a name clearly focusing on the marketing of South African work seekers to foreign employers. Not only do you have the opportunity to place and maintain your CV on the DSR online database, but information on current vacancies in various fields of employment in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries is also available.

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The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The United Arab Emirates (most people only know it as Dubai) is quite the opposite from Saudi Arabia in that it is western-orientated and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is a small country with no more than 3,2 million inhabitants (2,2 million foreign workers). Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the two largest cities, are very modern and well-known shopping and tourist attractions. Dubai is currently marketed as structurally the most advanced city in the world. The Emirates annually hosts various international sports events like the Dubai Classic Golf Tournament as well as the well-known World Rugby Sevens tournament. In Dubai alone there are more that 300 hotels, 32 of which five star.

Saudi Arabia, with a total of 22 million (of which 8 million are foreign workers), maintains a conservative lifestyle quite different from that westerners are used to. The Muslim way of life and traditions are strictly adhered to. Working and living in Saudi will certainly be different from life in South Africa, but thousands of South Africans are currently working there, earning tax free salaries at least four times what they would earn in South Africa.

Unfortunately there are many misconceptions regarding the Arab world. It is not true, for example that your Bible will be taken away at customs. Western females do not have to cover their faces like the Arab females. In more conservative areas like in Riyadh, females might have to cover their hair when walking in the street, but not their faces. In the UAE females dress the same as anywhere else in the western word. It is not true that females are abducted to become part of harems. Both these countries are known as some of the safest, if not the safest countries in the world. Criminal activities are extremely rare and the security situation in the Middle East and Iraq has no influence on the lifestyle of people living in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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Employment in these Countries.

If taken into account that oil was only discovered in 1938, a mere two generations ago, it is understandable that foreigners form more than eighty percent of the workforce. The discovery of oil sparkled one of the biggest economic and technological booms in the world. The local Arab population was not educated to participate in the sudden development of their countries and is only today starting to become part of the huge labour market. This, of course, provides foreigners (including South Africans), with almost unlimited job opportunities in this part of the world.

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Why South African and other Foreign Workers?

South African workers are in high demand, firstly because they are generally well trained and experienced in a wide variety of fields when compared to their European and American counter parts. Further more, they are well behaving and not seen as employees who unnecessary complain. The second, and most important reason for the ever-increasing number of South African employed in these countries is the Rand/Dollar exchange rate. The very low value of the Rand, when compared to the US Dollar, causes South African employees to be much more affordable than their counterparts from other developed countries. A salary of a few thousand dollars, not much in Arabian terms, is in South African terms, a very high salary when converted to Rand. The fact that the South African Tax Laws changed as from March 1, 2001in favour of South Africans working abroad, contributed to the fact that more and more South Africans leave South Africa to earn a higher, tax free income in this part of the world.

Although South Africans are in high demand, they still represent only a small fraction of the foreign workforce in these countries. Many thousands of American, British, German, Australian and other western countries citizens are employed, mostly in senior and middle level positions. Hundreds of thousands of workers from India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other Oriental countries work in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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The Recruitment Process.

The recruitment process can be summarized as follow: Your CV is submitted to every vacancy you qualify for. When interested and a relevant vacancy exist, the Human Resources Manager/Personnel Manager of employing company would contact DSR to request either more detailed information or to arrange an interview. If their requirements are met, either a telephone or personal interview will follow. If successful, a formal Employment Offer will be made, followed by a Final Employment Offer. Your signing of the final Employment Offer will complete the recruitment process and your Visa process will commence.

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Work Contracts.

In Saudi Arabia work contracts normally cover a two-year period. Exceptions do exist, mostly in the medical/nursing and the IT fields where contracts might be for a shorter period. In the UAE more and more companies employ people on "open-ended contracts" where a specific duration is not specified. Contracts can be renewed with the consent of both parties. Generally most employers would prefer to employ persons who are interested in a medium-term career of between six and ten years. Work contracts almost always include the following: Top of page


Salaries paid in these countries are of the highest in the world. These are some of only a few countries in the world where you are not taxed on your income and where your employer provides for everything. This leaves you with the opportunity to save up to or even more than 80% of your salary. You can look forward to a salary of roughly three to four times that you would earn in South Africa when employed in a similar position in the Emirates or Saudi Arabia respectively. This means that when your gross salary in South Africa is R10 000, you could expect to earn between R30 000 and R40 000 (2500 to 3500 US Dollars) when employed in the respective countries. The same principle apply to employees form other countries.

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Documentation Required.

Please fax (or scan and email) the following documentation without avail: After receiving the above-mentioned documentation, we also require you to place your complete CV on the online database on our website. Diplomas and certificates as well as a recent colour photograph will be requested when needed.

NOTE: If you do not currently have access to a fax or e-mail facility, please send the required documentation (your CV on a "stiffy" please), including your photograph by registered mail/overnight mail to our postal address above).

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Cost Involved.

Unlike employment in some Western countries, no proof of an extensive bank balance is required for employment in the Arabian countries. An administration fee is charged. This will be your only expense in the whole recruitment process. Your EMAIL ADDRESS will further be added to a mailing list for regular DSR newsletters (please note that newsletters will only be sent via email). If you do not have an email address, just visit any Internet café in your area and ask for assistance to have your personal email address created, free of charge).

Apart from receiving our newsletter, the fee is primarily charged for the expertise and service we provide and to cover administrative costs incurred in the recruitment process. The Managing Director for example, worked in Saudi Arabia and currently spent most of the year in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, meeting existing and prospective employers to promote our company (and you as a candidate) in order to acquire more job opportunities for South Africans in these countries. Few, if any, agencies recruiting for these countries have first hand knowledge of the employers, the job opportunities, the culture and of the general way of living to properly brief candidates on these issues.

We also evaluate your CV and edit/improve it free of charge to conform to international standards before submitting it for vacancies. During the final administrative process a dedicated staff member personally handles your administration throughout the whole process. This include personally taking your documentation to approved lawyers for authentication, to the Supreme Court for further authentication, to the offices of International Affairs dealing with foreign employment applications and of course to the applicable Embassies in Pretoria. Many hours are spent and numerous phone calls made to the UAE or Saudi Arabian Embassy during your Visa process. Our company arranges your medical examination anywhere in South Africa. We also assist every candidate in acquiring a passport, a police clearance certificate and we make all your flight arrangements including the collecting of air tickets at the Emirates Air offices in Johannesburg. Prior to departure you and your families will be briefed on various aspects regarding foreign employment and on the specific country where employed. Whenever documents need to be couriered or sent by overnight mail during the final administrative process, our offices arrange it and pay for the expenses.

For job seekers outside South Africa please note that DSR will assist you in the documentation process applicable to your country.

Keep in mind that your employer in most cases pays the Visa cost and always the air ticket costs. As stated, your administrative fee of R395 (for job seekers outside South Africa US$ 40) will be your only expense in the whole recruitment process. Please see the Administration Form for Banking Details. If an international bank transfer cannot be made from your country, please obtain an International Money Order (US$ 40) and send it by registered mail to Dubai & Saudi Recruitment, Postnet Suite 190, Private Bag X15 Menlo Park 0102 South Africa. Furthermore, please note that this fee will be refunded on your placement by our company.


It is very important to note that your CV will be submitted not only for the current vacancies, but also for future vacancies for which you qualify. If a vacancy you qualify for is not available right now, we will most certainly do the utmost in finding one! Keep in mind that vacancies in most fields of employment become available on a regular basis. Your CV will thus be presented not only to various employers at the same time, but also for vacancies that become available in future. Still, please visit our website frequently to view our vacancies and apply online.

The sooner your CV reaches us the sooner the recruitment process, and thus the opportunity to be employed internationally can start.

For more information or to have questions answered, feel free to E-Mail us at or contact one of our consultants at (012) 362 7232/3749 or from outside South Africa at +27 12 362 7232/3749.

Download the registration form.

Kind regards


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